Falling out of love with Coffee

I have been drinking coffee since I was in grade 8. I LOVE coffee and have been through many phases of coffee drinking. From Tim Horton’s French Vanillas, large triple triples, french pressed, organic/fair trade, cappuccinos and espresso shots. I love coffee, so much and so dearly. Comforting, stimulating and a welcomed routine in a world of chaos.

Since i’ve been moving throughout this culinary nutrition program, I’ve observed fellow classmates remove coffee completely and feel incredible. I always felt I had a great relationship with coffee, and over the past year I have limited myself to a shot or two of espresso. I stopped drinking drip coffee because I realized the caffeine was too much and did not agree with me. Drip coffee can have around 120-150 mg of caffeine per 6oz cup, whereas espresso has around 75mg.

Removing coffee from my life has been sort of an accident, because I came across something better. I didn’t intentionally stop drinking coffee, but rather I replaced it with a delicious drink called Uncoffee (Meghan Telphner‘s wonderfully divine creation!). This warming drink is made from Dandyblend, cacao, almond milk and coconut oil! Dandyblend is made from roasted dandelion roots and is incredible for detoxing the liver. Our liver works so hard everyday so it’s important to nourish our liver by making liver-loving choices.

There is a lot of conflicting evidence around coffee and if it’s good or bad for you. As long as it’s consumed in moderation then I think the choice is up to you! I have reduced my consumption because I do not like the way it impacts my central nervous system. I also did not enjoy the mid-day coffee crashes!

Our liver is responsible for filtering out chemical including environmental toxins, heavy metals found in drinking water, tobacco smoke, and chemical-filled cleaning agents. Instead of drinking coffee which adds a greater work-load to the liver, why not drink a satisfying beverage that encourages and support detox. Dandelion root is one of the most powerful foods to support liver detox, as it increases liver bile and has loads of carotenoids which help reduce inflammation.

The liver is a powerful organ and deserves a lot of love + kindness. Love your liver !





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