I grew up in a border town, listening to fireworks 3 nights a week while spending my summers working cash registers at various tourist shops. Growing up in Niagara Falls, Canada has shaped me in ways that I am still trying to figure out. I would like to say that I was raised by yoga-practising parents while eating homemade hummus and crackers, but this is very untrue! I’ve been a vegetarian since grade 7 (an assorted sub launched me into living meatless!).

I am trained in special education, focusing on supporting children and adolescents with exceptionalities and I have spent most of my time working within this field. I fell deeply in love with yoga + feeding myself well during my time in Peterborough, Ontario. A city full of great coffee, vegetarian restaurants, a beautiful river and wonderful community. In 2012 I experienced severe digestion and health issues, after eliminating gluten my health issues cleared up and i’ve been living healthy, happy and gluten-free since (with some heart-pangs of longing for flakey, pastry desserts).

I finished my BA in Psychology at Trent University after a long and winding road of post secondary school with many, many, detours. My focus and interests include mental health, abnormal psychology, health psychology and Aboriginal studies.

Peaceful Warrior in Daredevil Alley, Niagara Falls

I attended Yoga teacher training with my favourite yoga instructor and inspiration, Tiina Kivinen, at Peterborough Living Yoga. This heart-exploding and grounding experience allowed me to move deeper within and expand my yoga practise while being surrounded with the support of an extremely lovely community and instructors.

In 2016, I finished my studies at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

During this program I learned how to heal others and my own body with whole foods and incredibly delicious recipes.

Starting in January 2017, I have committed myself to more nutrition education, as I will be studying holistic nutrition with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

At this moment I am stationed in Huntsville, Ontario with my partner Chris and my sweet + salty cat, Woods.