I am a graduate of the  Academy of Culinary Nutrition, where I completed the Culinary Nutrition Expert program. I am also currently studying holistic nutrition and functional nutrition. Upon completion of holistic nutrition school I will be able to provide nutritional consultation and take on clients.

I fill my body with plant-based, vegetarian, gluten free, homemade and unprocessed goodness. I hope to inspire + teach others to eat and cook efficiently, effectively + economically. Yes (I know!) healthy, organic food can be expensive, but with some guidance you can learn to eat well and live within your budget. Let’s learn to create everything from scratch with time as the only sacrifice!

You’ll feel empowered when you learn to eat to nourish yourself!


Plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, allergen free + evidence-based focus on healing diets for acute + chronic disease, illness, mental health and imbalances

Personal meal planning

I will consult your current health status and build a customized meal plan to suit your own personal dietary needs and food preferences. I will work to build a meal plan full of therapeutic foods that will assist you on your healing journey. 


Topics I cover: Gluten free + vegan baking demos; Healing Elixirs; How to be plant-based; Holistic Living Inside and Out; Divine Dips; Eat more Chocolate; Guide to Meal Prepping; Decoding the Grocery Store; Veggie Soups Galore

Cooking Classes

Plant-based Quick + Easy Meals; Plant-based Snacking; Plant-Based Four-Course Meal; Chocolate Truffles; Raw Pies and Tarts; 

Holistic healthy living advising

Do you feel like you want to move towards a more holistic lifestyle? I can help you “live clean” and make the journey a little easier! I will provide you with evidence-based research about the harmful effects of toxins, pesticides, additives, refined sugar, colourings, processed foods, alcohol, etc and why clean living is so important !

Recipe Development and Writing

Do you need a recipe for your business? An article about gluten free baking or plant-based living? Contact me and we can work together!